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The idea is simple but brillant

Overnight lodging on green playgrounds. In 2011 hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all located on golf courses, joined forces for a new marketing cooperation. Todate 29 hotels in Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain are members of the constantly growing group "Hotels auf dem Golfplatz" (Hotels on the Golf Course).

In 2016 "Hotels auf dem Golfplatz" welcomes four new members: Schloss Münchhausen (Germany), as well as Golfresort Haugschlag (both in Austria) and one hotels of the Lindner Hotel Group i.e. Lindner Hotel Lindner Golf & Wellness Resort Portals Nous in Spain on the island of Majorca. Also Hotel Schloss Reichmannsdorf (Germany) is also a new member. In 2020, the Golfresort Passau-Raßbach (Germany) was added and in April 2021 we were able to win the Chervo Golf Hotel & Spa (Italy) for our brand.

To become a member of this select group, hotels have to fulfill strict criteria: The hotels must not be located more than a par-4-hole (max. 470 yards or 430 metres) from the first tee of the golf course. The course must be rated according to The International Golf Stars Classification with at least four stars and hotels must all fall into the category "First Class". Therefore any travelling golfer can trust that they will experience a "vacation in a new dimension".

All competitors at each and every tournament will be entered into a ballot where one lucky participant can win a travel voucher for two overnights plus breakfast and greenfees at one of the member hotels. On top of that each tournament offers great prizes for the winners.