Welcome to the new section "Mental Golf"!

In this new section we would like to show you how you can improve your golf game with mental strategies and concepts. We will show you how to strengthen your concentration and focus with simple exercises and how to stay calm and composed even in stressful situations.


Mental training is so important in golf because it strengthens the mental side of the game and thus plays a crucial role in your success on the course. For this very reason, we look forward to presenting you with valuable tips and tricks from Robert Nussbaumer in the coming weeks and months and wish you lots of fun and success on your way to a mentally strong golf game!

Golf Mental Weeks 2023 at PURE Resort Westendorf with Robert Nussbaumer

At the Golf Mental Weeks 2023 at the PURE Resort Westendorf, golfers will be coached by the experienced golf pro and mental performance coach Robert Nussbaumer and will also be surrounded by like-minded people. Together, golfers will improve their skills and support each other. This will not only change the way they play, but also their attitude towards golf and life itself.


Through three workshops and 3 rounds of golf, you will learn how to remove blocks in your mind, deal with nervousness and pressure, and set clear goals. The result will be that you will enjoy golf more and improve steadily. You will also build self-confidence and learn how to confidently manage expectations.


The Golf Mental Weeks take place in a beautiful environment that gives you the opportunity to relax and unwind. This will help you to organize your thoughts and focus on what is important. Some of the most beautiful places in the Alps will be at your disposal, where you can enjoy the fresh mountain air.


Westendorf/Tyrol - 4 dates to choose from 

  • Date 1: 29.05.2023 - 02.06.2023
  • Date 2: 26.06.2023 - 30.06.2023                    
  • Date 3: 31.07.2023 - 04.08.2023
  • Date 4: 04.09.2023 - 08.09.2023            


AND HOW TO REGISTER: Click on the button below, fill out the form and send it to office (at) robertnussbaumer.com!


The first golf book about more than golf

"Golf - Mirror of Life" is the new non-fiction book by Mental Performance Coach Robert Nussbaumer. The subject of the book draws on his decades of experience as a golfer - and at the same time on his experience with people in corporate management, especially as a mental performance and executive coach. The book's credo: Those who approach their lives in a relaxed and focused manner will also be successful in golf - and vice versa.


Robert Nussbaumer sees his book as a book of action. "Every person is free in his decisions - even in the decision to do nothing. However, anyone who wants success should act consistently and work on his attitude to golf. The beauty of it is that in doing so, he also works on his attitude toward life. Kindness, generosity and dedication also take us much further professionally than the frantic pursuit of operational goals."


"Golf - Mirror of Life" is thus more than a book about the most popular sport in senior management. One will look in vain for concrete instructions for successful strokes. Instead, the successful author recommends seeing life itself as a game. The book convinces the reader in this respect with a multitude of concrete exercises and psychological aids. Self-ironic anecdotes are also not missing.


More information on the topic of "Mental Golf" and the book "Golf - Mirror of Life" can be found here!




  • More consistency in your golf game by developing a positive attitude and a clear goal
  • Better handling setbacks by building mental resilience and developing more self-confidence
  • Acting more confidently in tournaments by refining techniques to control your own thoughts and emotions
  • Communicating more effectively with annoying teammates by using techniques to manage conflict and foster empathy
  • Increasing calmness and composure in the game by developing mindfulness and relaxation techniques
"Golf is the sport where the most feared opponent is yourself!"

About the book: "Golf - Mirror of Life" is the second book published by Robert Nussbaumer. Robert Nussbaumer's books are self-published.


About the author: Robert Nussbaumer, born in 1962, is an international mental performance coach and keynote speaker. The Austrian, who lives in Switzerland, looks back on a career spanning more than 30 years, during which he filled many responsible positions in sales and human resources before becoming an independent entrepreneur, coach and sales trainer. Since 2015 he has been a book author, and since 2019 he has published a regular column in various golf magazines. He has practiced the sport himself for over 20 years.