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As an absolute fresh air fanatic and sports enthusiast, I am very pleased to be the first exclusive sponsor of the "Hotels on the Golf Course - Trophy 2022". Let us inspire you personally with our innovative product.


Hyla separator technology opens a new chapter in the history of room hygiene in your home. For more than 30 years, the family business has been engaged in natural air and room purification. Today, the Hyla is one of the most health-conscious, environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning systems available - worldwide. Our technology is also a sought-after hygiene concept in the international hotel and hospitality industry.


An all-rounder with over 30 functions - chemical-free and water-based. The Hyla makes it rain in your home without getting wet. During daily cleaning, the air in the room is purified in parallel and thus fine dust, pollutants, allergens, germs and bad odors are bound in the water. Natural balsamic essences create pleasant fragrances. Bad odors when vacuuming are simply no longer contemporary and are therefore a thing of the past. From air washing with aroma therapy, to deep cleaning of mattresses and carpets or simultaneous vacuuming and wiping of a wide variety of floor coverings, almost anything is possible with the Hyla. The handmade product is based on a patented and maintenance-free separator technology with 4 liters of water as a filter, which is why there are no follow-up costs.


The Hyla has been scientifically tested by 14 universities for its effectiveness against viruses and fine dust, validated by SIMA, certified by the Center for Preventive Medicine as a health product and is therefore suitable for preventive health care and especially for allergy sufferers. It is also recommended by renowned doctors and associations. 


Would you like to experience the Hyla live? Feel free to contact me personally for a non-binding experience presentation at your home.

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Michael Reiser

Consultant Sales Germany & Austria

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Michael Reiser

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A healthy home supports and enhances the quality of life - Healthy air should be a matter of course for everyone, with every breath.