Peter Hilla

Graduate in business administration, graduate economist & owner of Gut Heckenhof Hotel & Golfresort

„We joined forces with other hoteliers ten years ago in the knowing that golfers, especially when traveling in groups, are always looking for new destinations. Therefore, it seemed logical to focus on the members of a brand partnership and, for example, to draw attention to the offers of the other hotels in each partner hotel. In addition, there are strict admission criteria and quality requirements that all hotels and golf courses must meet in order to be able to offer golfers a high-quality product at all times. Meanwhile the unique selling point of the brand for hotels „no further than a PAR 4 from the golf course“ became established and has considerable additional business over the years. Through successful marketing and communication measures, the brand has been constantly supported and is now with 24 hotels in 5 countries on the way to a smooth internationalization, which can only bring benefits to all partners.“

Eckart Pfannkuchen

Project Manager Hamburg Treudelberg

„As a founding member, we have seen the great success of the brand for more than 15 years on the national and international market. The representation and visibility of our diversity to the pure golf resort is possible additionally over this co-operation. Guests become friends of the house and give us their attention and loyalty for many years.“

Brita Hankammer

Owner Hotel Hofgut Georgenthal

Reasons for the marketing cooperation with „Hotels on the Golf Course“ and our positive added values:


  • Increase of our level of awareness as a masterful golf course with high quality standard.
  • Further possibility to establish our „young“ golf club.
  • Acquisition of new customers for hotel and golf course.
  • Strengthening of the image through cooperation and recommendation in a high quality sales market.
  • Extremely profitable are the industry meetings for an exchange of experience among all cooperation partners.

Thomas Bonanni

Hotel manager Schlosshotel Münchhausen

  • The partner hotels benefit from the good contacts in the PR area and the strong press relations, especially in the German-speaking region through the agency. Each hotel has the opportunity to to make a greater individual contribution here.
  • Partner hotels benefit from HADG‘s marketing work in the print and online sectors. B2C: Handy catalog with 16,000 copies, regular e-mail marketing to qualified addresses (hotels can constantly submit news and offers), activities in social Media, Facebook and Instagram. • Recommendation marketing within the cooperation: The hotels and golf clubs give each other Travel recommendations (especially groups are often looking for new hotels).
  • Good network and exchange among the hotels and golf facilities.
  • Advantages through the cooperation and the Bundesverband Golfanlagen e.V. due of partnerships.
  • For new partners: level of awareness is increased by PR reports and customer loyalty campaigns.

Hans Geist

Owner and Managing Director Golfresort Haugschlag

„With the membership in „Hotels on the Golf Course“ we can offer the golf guest and in particular groups a perfect infrastructure and logistics. In the golf resort Haugschlag you can play three 18-hole championship courses without having to get into the car. This is not only pure golf luxury, but also ecologically valuable.“

Bernd Eulitz

Managing Director GolfResort Semlin am See

„The GolfResort Semlin is a member of the brand association since 2019 and could benefit from the cooperation right from the start, as we are not only online, but also in the catalog of the brand together with all other hotels in every Hotel room of the cooperation present. In addition, there are always good offers to present ourselves in cooperations, newsletters and press releases of the brand. We could determine that especially due to the quality demands of the brand to its partners like e.g. the proximity of the hotels to the golf course, quality guarantee of the golf courses through certification, etc., a clear competitive advantage exists.”

Pia Maurer & Petra Schmitt

The hostesses from GOLF absolute and Angel’s Hotels

„The cooperation „Hotels on the Golf Course“ connects great hotels and excellent golf courses. The cooperation with the partner establishments also increases the comfort for our guests. They can be sure that this is all about quality. We are happy to be part of this community.“

Birgit Krause

Golf- & Resortleitung Strandgrün Golf- & Spa Resort Timmendorfer Strand

„Hotels on the golf course – Why are we part of it?

When the idea of a joint marketing cooperation for hotels on golf courses originated, were we as one of the founding members, immediately on board. We thought it was right and important to pool our marketing forces together, in order to present all the unique selling point „Hotels on the golf course“ in their public relations work. Together we are stronger!"

Peter Hamacher

Managing Director Marketing & Sales HAMACHER HOTELS & RESORTS

„From the very beginning, we were very convinced of the concept and the idea of marketing hotels directly at or on the golf course in a network. A topic, which is currently more relevant than ever. Guests want short distances to the golf course, are increasingly longing for nature and prefer hotels that offer a generous amount of space and more room. Furthermore, the combination of golf complemented by an excellent range of culinary delights and wellness in well-managed hotels & resorts is becoming increasingly center. The concept of the HOTELS ON THE GOLF COURSE brand has proven to be very successful over the years and brought us additional business. We are proud, especially as a slightly more remote vacation destination, to be to be a brand partner, and we look forward to leveraging the synergies of the brand in the future as well.”

Arnd Vesper

Managing Partner Das Vesper

„Hotels on the golf course is the perfect partner for Das Vesper, because here we meet customers whose wishes we fulfill with passion and heart. Embedded in two hotel-owned 18-hole golf courses, together with our partner, we can offer the right arrangements at any time and communicate these handcrafted packages through the right channels. Our own claim to individuality and the personal approach is reflected at hotels on the golf course.“

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