Mental Golf with Robert Nussbaumer

I am very pleased to welcome you to the new section, Mental Golf!


My name is Robert Nussbaumer and I grew up in Tyrol, where I was on the move with skis on my feet from an early age. Almost 25 years ago, I discovered my passion for golf and have been intensively involved with it ever since. As a Mental Performance Coach, I specialize in helping golfers realize their full potential and achieve more stable performances on the course.


In this new section, we would like to show you how you can use mental strategies and concepts to improve your golf game. We will show you how to strengthen your concentration and focus with simple exercises, and how to stay calm and composed even in stressful situations. With our holistic approach, we want to help you experience more joy and fun on the golf course.


Mental training is so important in golf because it strengthens the mental side of the game and thus plays a crucial role in your success on the course. Here are some reasons why mental training is essential for golfers:


  • You often succeed at everything on the driving range, but on the course you suddenly seem unsure of yourself and can't get consistent results. Mental training helps to increase self-confidence and mental strength on the course and thus improve performance.
  • Many golfers find it difficult to stay positive when a bad shot happens. With mental training, golfers can learn to control negative thoughts and emotions and focus on the next game instead of letting failures drag them down.
  • Some golfers need a few holes to loosen up and play to their full potential. Mental training can help to learn relaxation techniques and concentration techniques to quickly get into the right playing mode.
  • Annoying teammates or other outside influences can throw golfers off their game and affect performance. With mental training, golfers can learn to focus on their own goals and game plan and not be distracted by outside influences.


Every golfer desires to play consistent golf and remain at a high level. We look forward to presenting you with valuable tips and tricks in the coming weeks and months, and wish you much fun and success on your way to a mentally strong golf game!


On that note, have a great game and a great life.



Robert Nussbaumer

You can find more information about mental golf at 



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